Free Survival Tip – Unconventional Object to Help You Survive

That’s right folks! We’re giving you a free survival tip.

We’re not only giving you a free survival tip, this tip includes an object you would never imagine could be used for your survival…

The tampon!

Yes, that’s right. A tampon can be useful in your wilderness survival. We’ve covered some of the highlights of what a tampon can do for you.

Medical Bandage: Tampons are sterile, come individually packaged, and absorb liquid well. All great makings of a medical bandage. With a little tape, some manipulation of the tampons shape, and voilà, you have a bandage. You could also just shove them into any open wounds that need plugging.


Fire Tinder: Cotton makes great fire tinder. Break that tampon open and spread the fibers. They’ll catch the spark in no time and get your fire started.

Straw filter and water filter: You can use the tampon to filter water and get rid of all that gunky stuff. Stuff it in a water bottle or pour the water through it and it will catch any floaties. Use the tampon in its applicator as a straw to filter water directly from its source.

Tampons are truly amazing devices. A few other ideas are using a tampon as a wick for a candle, cordage, blow dart,blow tube, waterproof match case, fishing bobber, and the list could go on.

Now that you have received this amazing free survival tip, we would love to hear about any other ideas you can come up with for surviving by the use of an unconventional object. Visit our blog, our Twitter, or our Facebook, and let us know!


The Importance of Salt and Your Survival

In many apocalyptic books, movies, and tv shows, we often see the characters scrambling to obtain salt. We might think that they just like to add a little spice to their cooking, but there are many benefits to having enough salt on hand when SHTF.
Salt can be used in a numerous ways to aid you in your survival. Below we have listed a few survival techniques.
Salt can be used to treat injuries: antiseptic saline solution, salt soak, ease sore throat, ease insect bites, or as a rehydration solution.

It can be used to ensure proper hygiene: soap additive, tooth care, mouth wash, deodorant.

It can also be used for food prep: preservation and curing.

Salt can be used to ensure livestock receive proper minerals.

This small list shows you the versatility of salt. If things truly go south, if you have enough salt on hand, you can even use it to barter.

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Is Your Bug Out Bag Ready?

Your bug out bag should be a smaller version of the items found in a home survival pack. Below is a list of items you want to make sure to have in your bug out bag:


Bottled water
Water treatment tablets
Water filter

Granola bars
Dried fruit and nuts
Hard candy
Trail mix
Eating utensils
Pocket knife
Knife sharpener
Cooking kit (includes drinking cup)
Can opener
Moist towelettes

Change of clothing
Long underwear
Heavy socks
Coat, jacket and/or sweater

Sleeping bag
Space blanket
Duct Tape

Flashlight (wind-up type will not need batteries)
Waterproof matches
Portable stove
Extra fuel for portable stove
Rechargeable batteries
Solar battery charger
Disposable lighter

Health care/Hygiene:
First Aid kit
Activated charcoal capsules
Lip balm with sunscreen
Vitamin supplements
Wash cloth
Insect repellent
Prescription drugs/herbal medicines
Personal items

Pepper spray, Chemical Mace, Taser or stun gun
Firearm where appropriate and extra ammunition

Address book (including phone numbers of friends, neighbors and family members)
Cell phone
Charger for cell phone
Portable radio (wind-up type will not need batteries)
Emergency flasher
Notebook and pencil
Signaling mirror

Waste disposal:
Plastic bags

Credit/debit cards

Playing cards

Walking shoes
Area maps
Passport/Driver’s license
Backpack to put all of the above in

Fishing kit
Extra eyeglasses

This is a small list of items that should be in your bug out bag, so that you can grab it and go in case of an emergency. Items can vary and if you think of anything we missed, let us know in the comments.

‘The Walking Dead’ Classes Now Offered

Dorothy Pomerantz recently blogged about the new ‘The Walking Dead” college course now being offered by UC Irvine. In her blog titled “Now You Can Take A College Course On ‘The Walking Dead’,” she gives us some insight on this experiment of mixing pop culture and curriculum.
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 1 Photo by Gene Page/AMC
The online class will cover topics such as “how humans prioritize needs in a catastrophe, the role of public health in a pandemic and the science of hope.” A class like this would be a fun and entertaining way of exploring life in an apocalyptic setting. We hope to blog stories like this, fun, educational, and current.

Stay posted for more to come.

Would you take a class like this? Do you think a class like this is an interesting option for the university to offer or a waste of time? Let us know in the comments.

ApocoBunko – About Us

ApocoBunko has been created as part of a social media marketing class.  The idea of this “business” is that it sells blueprints and consulting advice to consumers looking to build and survive an apocalypse.   ApocoBunko will provide consulting services on everything from the safest locations to live, resources needed to survive, techniques and training advice, evaluation of current SHTF(shit hits the fan) escape plans, survival guides and tips, and bunker blueprints.  The bunkers will come in a variety of sizes and purposes, and will include a custom design per each consumer’s personal apocalyptic fear (economic crash, global warming, zombies, etc.).

bunkerThrough this blogging platform we hope to provide educational information and also entertainment.  Throughout the course we will learn different techniques for promoting our blog.  At the current stage, the blog is not selling a product.   Perhaps this is a business idea that can fully develop into a real life company, but at the moment I would like to add the disclaimer that the information found on this blog is for entertainment purposes.  We will try to only post verified information and survival techniques and tips but we take no responsibility for the outcomes of our readers’ actions when following such instructions or information.

We hope that you enjoy the blog and visit often!